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can i just say your tags are a gift to humanity

skdjfslk oh my god anon thank you

asks    anon    I love that someone appreciates my tag rants    hugs u    speaking of tag rants I went and got mcdonalds which was delicious    and then me and my friend brittany went to walmart    and semi-impulse bought three fish and an aquarium starter set for her room    we struggled but got the tank set up and because I helped I got naming rights over the roommate lol    I named my fish jesse    regrettably he is neither pink nor blue but he is skinny    also in the tank are phil and ernesto    ok friends I need to be productive and do math now    have a lovely day/night/evening etc    personal    sort of    also ps I bought a whole bag of chocolate chips to eat so that's pretty rad    
haha    ok now I'm gone    dogs    I just didn't wanna end on sad so here have a borderline meme    

this goes to Kaylee Ehrmantraut.

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no    casually keeps reblogging brba stuff    breaking bad    jesse pinkman    gif    I have to go get mcdonalds now goodbye friends    
me rn    jake and amir    same    


The Grand Budapest Hotel screenshots - cinematography by Robert D. Yeoman - 2013

the grand budapest hotel    this movie was so pretty ugh    
jake and amir    i'm laughing    this was a funny episode    gif    it is almost impossible for me to watch    without one or both reminding me of bryce and/or sierra    also me but like bryce is jake    


the results of amir’s nutrition quiz

same    jake and amir    yes I went in the tag just because I really want chicken mcnuggets right now    gif    pffft    

Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) dir. Wes Anderson

this movie was so funny    and so good    and so pretty    also recognized a bunch of people but didn't recognize these two    I kept thinking ralph fiennes looked like bandersnatch cucumber in something    and then I realized when I checked imdb why I knew ralph fiennes    and I am somewhat ashamed to admit I did not recognize adrien brody    as brodyquest plays even now on my spotify    no i'm not joking it literally came on a few seconds ago    amazing    gif    the grand budapest hotel    
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Doctor Who and A:tla for shows (I was gonna say firefly but one episode isn't enough)

under the cut again for length

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asks    technicolorhousecat    I DIDN'T REALIZE THAT MARK SHEPPARD CHARACTER'S NAME WAS BADGER OMG    breaking bad on the brain    also I was googling characters lol and discovered that the sister    is that girl doing that pose on the movie thing    what is it called is it serenity i think it is    anyway    doctor who    atla    firefly    I'm so pumped for mcd's you don't even know    there is like no fast food near campus    

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(Psst I think Simon is actually psimon because bad prefix puns and psi relates to psyche which is Greek for mind)

Yeah that’s what I was thinking but I didn’t wanna randomly stick a p in there if it didn’t go there haha

technicolorhousecat    replies    you're just full of fun facts lmao